Israeli products, delivered in a box

Blue Box gives you the opportunity to support a VARIETY of handpicked Israeli businesses while receiving high-quality, made-in-Israel products right to your front door.

Each month, we feature one vendor-of-the-month (farmers, artisans, designers, kibbutzim) and ship a carefully curated selection of their products, as well as their "story" written on a postcard, right to your front door. 

*Number of Boxes Shipped to Date - 1,522*

Our Vendors

Blue Box directly supports Israeli businesses - farmers, artisans, designers, kibbutzim, entrepreneurs and more. Our vendors represent the true diversity of Israeli society, both geographically and culturally. We write each vendor's story on a postcard and include it in the box, allowing customers to learn about and connect more deeply to Israel. We personally visit each site to ensure the highest quality and adherence to ethical standards.


Our Products

Our monthly boxes feature high-quality, Israeli-made products. We want to highlight the best that Israel has to offer, focusing on local tastes, flavours and textures - often with a unique twist. All food products are strictly kosher. Past boxes have included cold-pressed olive oil, camel milk soap, organic dates, anise-flavoured honey, Ethiopian tahini, desert-fruit jam, merlot-infused Dead Sea salts, halva-flavoured almond butter, stationary, citrus extract shampoo,  souri olive tapenade, pomegranate leaf tea, and much, much more.